Lenovo’s gaming phone is set to be announced this month and with the latest teaser from the company, we learn it will feature dual-haptic motors for a more immersive gaming experience. The Lenovo Legion will use dual x-axis linear motors which should add new depths to in-game vibrating feedback.

Lenovo Legion unboxed on camera, new teaser reveals dual linear vibration motors

At the same time, Sparrow News offers a short (and low-res) video of the Lenovo Legion phone being unboxed. We don’t get to see much of the phone itself, save for the its back, but we do get a nice look at the phone’s cool new packaging. It seems like the larger box is a kit intended for the media, or perhaps a more expensive bundle edition of the Legion phone.

The smaller box inside holds the phone and separating two of the flaps of the box makes for a dramatic unboxing experience that you could say mirrors the phone’s unique form factor and design.

The Lenovo Legion smartphone will be announced sometime this month as teased by the company. The phone features a landscape-dominant design with center-placed dual cameras, and a pop-up selfie module that sticks out of the long edge of the phone. The phone will also be powered by the Snapdragon 865+ (overclocked) and feature built-in active cooling.

Lenovo Legion doesn't look like any other smartphone on the market
Lenovo Legion doesn't look like any other smartphone on the market

Lenovo Legion doesn’t look like any other smartphone on the market

A 90Hz refresh rate display is on the cards as well, and rumors have pointed to support for 90W fast charging. There are also two USB-C ports and temperature control sensors.


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