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Web Design Best Practices – How to Create Fast Websites

Probably the first and foremost priority of a web designer is to create a website that does not load slowly.In web composition, there is by all accounts a reverse connection between tasteful level and improved usefulness. However, being able to express creativity without sacrificing the loading speed of a site is a quality that sets skilled web designers like LinkHelpers from mere “WYSIWYG users”.

Here are tips on how to build a great-looking but fast-loading website:

Keep the number of images on a page to a minimum. Images, along with other media content such as videos and sound, make up for a large percentage of a website’s download speed. Though images enhance a page’s visual and oftentimes informational quality, the phrase “less is more” will still hold true for most cases. Use images only when they aid in delivering the information you want to deliver.

Optimize your images for the …

6 Top Web Design Trends in 2019

Have you already used some of the trends in web design in Dubai for the first half of 2019? 

If not yet, well, this article will clearly set things straight for you – we have accumulated some of the most effective web design trends and solutions that can make your website become responsive and maneuverable. With the help of a professional website design company in Dubai, you will be able to apply these trends to your own site, hence, assuring your smooth navigation and maneuverability. 

So, what are these trends and how is it going to help your site perform better?

Photographs and Minimalistic Approach

Minimalism will dependably stay forever – it will never get out of style. There will be a brilliant and moderate way to deal with website composition this year. There will be a change in shading immersion, textual styles, and dynamic hues. This is where …

How to Recover Photos Lost or Deleted from Memory Card

Have you deleted your pictures by mistake, or have you formatted your memory card accidentally and lost your digital pictures? You don’t know how to recover photos from the memory card? Just don’t panic!! Follow the steps provided here to get your deleted pictures back.

Recoverit is a powerful picture recovery software which supports recovery from all types of memory cards and removable storage devices like SD card, mini SD Card, micro SD Card, Compact Flash card (CF), Memory Sticks, Multimedia Card (MMC), XD-Picture Card, ZIP drives, iPods etc. This software has been designed and tested to recover almost all type of picture formats available in the market. This tool has been reviewed and ranked extremely high by several industry experts, news publications, photography sites etc & from this article you’ll be able how to recover deleted photos by using Recoverit.

Features of Recoverit (Windows)

  • Recover deleted picture, audio

How to Become Instagram Guru: The Guide You’ve Been Looking For!


Do you want to know all the deepest secrets of Instagram, learn how to use all Instagram features, what additional tools (for instance, Ingramer) to use for accelerated account promotion? If yes, keep reading the article till the end, I promise, you won’t moon away these two minutes!

Instagram Algorithms

If you haven’t noticed yet, Instagram has updated its ranking algorithms. Now your posts are not shown in a reverse chronological way. Now, if you want your post to be seen by as many Instagram followers, you need to jump through some hoops. It presupposes that the posts which provoke more activity (such as likes and comments) are shown to a higher number of Instagrammers. There some other criteria for a post to be promoted by Instagram – the time you spend on Instagram and the frequency of posting.

Actually, that was made on purpose – to enlarge …

What Areas Is AI Impacting In 2019?

Image result for What Areas Is AI Impacting In 2019?

Artificial intelligence has been moving a lot in the past couple of years. With a variety of business fields being tackled at the moment, the need for automated and independently learning features is fundamental. Let’s analyse, in detail, which business fields are being impacted by artificial intelligence in 2019. 

Computing Power: The Most Important One 

With machine learning and Python applications becoming more and more popular in 2019, the hunt for AI-related features within the computing industry has become more and more tangible. Artificial intelligence applies to a variety of computing spheres ranging from data warehousing to simple processing and it’s moving from a very software-development related field to front-end development shenanigans. In 2020, we will definitely be able to see this very matter evolving significantly. 

The Entire Mobile Industry 

Mobile has become a big (if not the biggest) focus within the development industry, with a severe number of companies …