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Why Tracking Students Might Not Be the Best Idea

There was a day when radio frequency identification (RFID) was cutting-edge technology that allowed manufacturers to track products on the assembly line. That same technology made it easier for retail operators to track their inventory and logistics companies to monitor assets. Suffice it to say that tracking technology has grown up.

RFID is still relevant in 2020, but it is not the only way to track people or things. There are so many other ways to track – including cell phones and their on-board wi-fi and Bluetooth capabilities. It turns out colleges and universities are using those technologies to track their students.

They Know Where You Are

According to a recent Washington Post story, Syracuse University is just one of dozens that now monitor student activity via their cell phones. All across the campus there are untold numbers of Bluetooth and wi-fi sensors that keep track of students by …

What Is A Reliable SEO Service?

Ever since the internet became the most widely used communication and research tool, people in business have also been using it as their primary business marketing tool. Although traditional marketing strategies that use television, radio, and newspapers have always been practical, people in business find a lot of better marketing results when using the internet. 

Online Marketing

We are also all fully aware of how effective search engine results are when marketing products and services of any business. This is because when people need information about the products and services, they make use of the significant search engine sites to search the information they need with the use of keywords. No matter how internet savvy you may be or how easy you find SEO marketing, you definitely would not be able to do all your tasks if you do both marketing and managing your business at the same time. With …

Key Points To Consider While Launching Outdoor Electronic Signs

Using electronic signs has gained popularity as a communication method between businesses and their customers. Digital signs are used by companies to communicate with customers who are inside the store. Similarly, outdoor electronic signs can act effectively for communicating with customers outside the store. Using outdoor electronic signs is a helpful way to attract potential clients inside the store. 

To improve brand identity, outdoor signs can also be used in metro stations and in bus stops that can be controlled from a remote location. However, some crucial points are there that you need to consider while launching outdoor digital signs. 

Read on to know more.

Climate concerns with electronic signs

The outdoor sign that you use will be continuously exposed to weather elements. That is the reason; you should select an outdoor display that can withstand several types of climatic conditions. Make sure that the screen can withstand humidity, snow, …

Finding the Best Wedding Venue

It will be one of the most important days of your life, and you merit the best Philadelphia wedding venue for your gathering. You have to consider a few regions as you search, remembering your desires, and spending plans.

Philadelphia wedding venue

Philadelphia’s wedding venue for a certain wedding function depends on a few elements. The number of people participated, the spending limit, the geographic zone, and the sort of administrations required. Most weddings do happen in a congregation. This is frequently the decision of the lady because of her strict alliance. There are anyway current patterns for ladies to pick various destinations for the service. Regularly a late spring wedding will happen in a recreation center or nursery region. These scenes will have charges related to the rental of the territory. The lady of the hour needs to plan for any locations excluded at the site, for instance, a …

What Can An Industrial Arm SBC Do For Your Graphics?

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As stated above, Industrial SBCs tend to outperform ATI and Nvidia GPUs on a variety of computer and graphics tasks. Let’s examine some of the aspects which industrial SBCs excel at.

  1. High-End OpenGL / OpenCL Applications

Modern games such as Far Cry, Grand Theft Auto, and other leading games on PC require professional-grade graphics card hardware to function at full flow. Here at Bitwig we strive to provide the best technology and features for the best potential performance. Our Arm SBC’s have OpenGL 2.0 and OpenCL 2.0 drivers which provide a significant performance boost in some highly popular games. Below are some of the games that it is highly recommended that you use it.

What Can An Industrial Arm SBC Do For Your Graphics Card Or Gaming PC?

The idea of a low cost, low power, inexpensive SLI-like graphics card that allows you to “add an additional GPU” for a …